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Pacific Cafe (aka Hong Kong Kitchen)

In 1 on October 21, 2009 at 5:41 pm

Pacific Cafe

(Hong Kong Kitchen)

416 5th Ave S.
Seattle, WA 98104-2918
(206) 682-0908

The food: We were looking for some good Chinese food prior to a night at the symphony so we sauntered into the Pacific Cafe.  Not to surprisingly there are many Hong Kong style dishes on the menu, which by the way is extensive so either check it out online first or plan on spending some time looking at it.  We had four dishes, including dessert, which left us with leftovers.  Everything was good to excellent.(not to Americanized)

The service:  Our waiter was very helpful in selecting our dishes and answered all of our questions as best as he could.  My water glass was filled all through dinner.  The food, once we were able to sort through the many temptations and actually order, came quickly.  Especially after we had mentioned we were in somewhat of a hurry, symphony remember??

Ambiance:  Clean, modern like appearance.  Very small and can get quite noisy if it starts to fill up.

Price point:  I thought the prices were very reasonable, especially based on the selection available and of course the taste!!
Miscellaneous:  the one glaring drawback to this spot is the availability of parking, (in the International District?? Go figure!!!)  Be prepared to either park and pay, park and walk or get lucky.  Or you could take the new light rail which will drop you right on top of the restaurant!!   I will say, however it is in what I would call a somewhat “sketchy” area, meaning it is right next to a bar, and across from the bus/light rail underground area.  Nothing horrendous mind you but just an FYI.