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Since we are just getting started here it will probably take a few days to assemble a good start, so if you do happen by please be patient and we will add information as soon as possible. Thanks


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Most people after a weekend ask you what you did. My wife and I found many of our friends and co-workers asking us, “What and where did you eat, and how was it?” So, I thought why not start putting our experiences around the Seattle, and occasionally quite a bit further, in the culinary world out on the web?

Let me just start by saying we are no one special, I mean to say neither of us attended any cooking schools, or were food critics for some major publication. We are in fact, just two people who really enjoy food, of all types and are constantly looking for the “next best place to grab a bite”. We have both had the opportunity to experience cuisine around the world, so we do claim a small knowledge of what authentic cuisine entails, but to be honest we have found that a great meal is created by a lot more than just the food.

We generally will eat out at least once a week, most often twice. So, we do get out a fair amount, and really try as many different eateries as we can. These can be the “holes in the walls” all the way up to the may I take your coat establishments. We choose them based on reviews, word of mouth, driving by, you name it.

We will give the name and location of where we ate and rate the following:

  • The food: taste, plating, portion size
  • The service
  • Ambiance of the restaurant
  • Price point, is it worth it?
  • Miscellaneous, things we just thought to mention

Please understand, we are not doing this for any other reason than for fun, and anything published here is just our opinion, so remember to take it all with a grain of salt, or perhaps saffron?