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Heart’s Delight—–Dim Sum at Tea Palace

In 1 on April 20, 2009 at 7:30 pm
Tea Palace
2828 Sunset Ln NE
(between 10th St & N Kirkland Ave)
Renton, WA 98056

(425) 228-9393

The food: My wife and I hesitated to try this place based on many of the reviews out there.  However, we always want to give it a shot ourselves and see.  Honestly, we were glad we did.  The dim sum was very good, fresh, with a wide selection and we thought the quality was comparable to many “good” places touted downtown, without the drive and other associated hassles.

The service:  We had excellent service.  When we got there,(at 11:00am maybe a little earlier), there was not a ton of people, but the place filled up quickly and my water glass stayed full.  Also, even though there doesn’t appear to be as many food carts as we have seen in other places, we were never left wanting food.  Also, my wife asked one of the staff about a particular dish we were fond of, she politely told us the kitchen had not yet fixed it.   However,  about 15 mins later she made a trip back to us to let us know that it was now available and asked if we still wanted it.
Ambiance:  The restaurant is huge and nicely decorated, it also doubles as a karaoke bar on Thursdays(be warned  🙂  ).
Price point:  Honestly we had eight dishes ( we were hungry and took home a doggy bag), and thought the bill was extremely reasonable, under $40(easily) dollars with tip.
Miscellaneous: Lots of good close parking, with some other interesting shops to browse in the area, especially one of our favorite Asian grocery stores.

All in all a very worthwhile endeavor and one which we will be repeating in the near future.  One note:  if you are used to your dim sum places having a dozen or so carts running around at once you won’t see it here, but we definitely had no issues getting food.


“Meat” the weekend.

In 1 on April 20, 2009 at 7:30 pm

Buenos Aires Grill
2000 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 441-7076

The food: We purposely didn’t eat any beef all week in anticipation of eating here. All I can say is, GLAD WE DID!! We had a platter called the “Parradilla”, which seemed to come with every type of meat on the menu, and a heaping plate of garlic fries. First, the meat was done to perfection, and had a wonderful smokey taste imparted by the wood fired grill, the fries were superb(be warned here you had better be a garlic fan, 😉 ). I keep thinking to myself, “I shouldn’t have had any of the bread..”, this was a lot of very tasty food, not for the faint of heart, or non-carnivorous folks. FYI, we left with enough left-overs for two more meals at home.

The service: Our waiter was good, he kept my water glass full(this is really my biggest pet peave when it doesn’t happen) and took care of us without “hovering”.

Ambiance: this restaurant has the type of atmosphere that could easily lend itself to a formal dinner, but still retains a very relaxed atmosphere.
Price point: Well the food isn’t the least expensive in the city, but for great dishes the price is much better than some other comparable spots(Ruth Chris, El Gaucho). I will say the bar’s happy hour is reasonable $4 for drinks(they make a very nice Mojito).
Miscellaneous: Again, parking can be a drag,surprise,surprise in downtown. One other quirky thing, the restaurant shares the building with the nearby Bourbon Bar, so the restrooms are also shared. Not a big deal, but don’t expect the restrooms to match the rest of the place. We have already decided that we will be going back, once we have worked off the last meal there.  One other thing, if you are going to any performance at the Moore Theater, this restaurant is literally a stones throw away.


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Well here it is, our first flog(food blog):


(206) 770-0155

81 Vine Street

Seattle, WA 98121

The food: The food here was very good, they have an extremely varied menu, some of which I don’t think is true Caribbean, but who cares, its fun!!
The taste ran the gambit from spicy, a la the prawns to tangy like the ribs.
We had a selection of tapas(or small plates) which were brought out together on a lazy susan. So the presentation was unique and functional.

The service:  was very good the waiter was friendly and put up with us asking for recommendations, and gave us some good ones.
Ambiance:  the restaurant is two floors with the ground floor dominated by a surprisingly well stocked bar and a few small tables.(Read very nice and cozy) The upstairs is the “proper” dining area and very nice, especially if you can get a table near the window which yields a partial view of the water.
Price point:  for the amount of food we ordered, oh and a cocktail as well :), the pricing is very reasonable. To top it off they appear to have a great happy hour with decent drink and food specials as well.
Miscellaneous:  the one glaring drawback to this spot is the availability of parking. Be prepared to either park and pay, park and walk or get lucky.
If however you have a hankering for some good, varied food, and drinks served in a fun casual atmosphere that won’t intimidate your wallet check this place out.


In 1 on April 13, 2009 at 8:42 pm

Since we are just getting started here it will probably take a few days to assemble a good start, so if you do happen by please be patient and we will add information as soon as possible. Thanks


In Food, restaraunt, service reviews on April 13, 2009 at 8:25 pm

Most people after a weekend ask you what you did. My wife and I found many of our friends and co-workers asking us, “What and where did you eat, and how was it?” So, I thought why not start putting our experiences around the Seattle, and occasionally quite a bit further, in the culinary world out on the web?

Let me just start by saying we are no one special, I mean to say neither of us attended any cooking schools, or were food critics for some major publication. We are in fact, just two people who really enjoy food, of all types and are constantly looking for the “next best place to grab a bite”. We have both had the opportunity to experience cuisine around the world, so we do claim a small knowledge of what authentic cuisine entails, but to be honest we have found that a great meal is created by a lot more than just the food.

We generally will eat out at least once a week, most often twice. So, we do get out a fair amount, and really try as many different eateries as we can. These can be the “holes in the walls” all the way up to the may I take your coat establishments. We choose them based on reviews, word of mouth, driving by, you name it.

We will give the name and location of where we ate and rate the following:

  • The food: taste, plating, portion size
  • The service
  • Ambiance of the restaurant
  • Price point, is it worth it?
  • Miscellaneous, things we just thought to mention

Please understand, we are not doing this for any other reason than for fun, and anything published here is just our opinion, so remember to take it all with a grain of salt, or perhaps saffron?